Kalles Fraktaler, Tutorial on how to do a zoom-in movie

First step
Find an interesting location and give it some nice colors.
Here is a nice location I found in reasonable depth:

Second step
Create the zoom sequence and wait until it's done. Make sure you save the location (.kfr) in the same directory as where the jpeg and kfb files will be stored.

Third step
Use the menu File-->Examine Zoom Sequence and open the location of the zoom sequence.
My recommendation is to browse the frames by Alt+N or Alt+P keys. When one of these key combinations is hold down, the frames will be browsed almost as fast as browsing the jpeg images in a picture manager program.
You may also note the Frame number on cool locations where you want to slow down the animation, do rotations or cycle colors.

Solving glitches
Glitch type 1
The method to render Mandelbrot fractals is based on Pertubation and Series Approximation
Pertubation means that instead of calculating the escape speed in every pixel it is calculated in only one pixel that is used as reference for all the other pixels.
Series Approximation means that a number of the first iterations can be skipped for each since since they don't affect the result.
The first glitch type may occur due to limitations in the Series Approximation, which occurs when zooming along a curved edge.
Here is when the zooming along the curved edge begins in this sequence:

Next image is the last frame before the glitch occurs. Note the rectangle in the image - the next frame is within this rectangle.
Note the color in the bottom inside the image:

And here is the next frame and the bottom color is different:

This kind of glitch is solved by checking the menu Action-->Special-->No approximation and then re-render the whole frame with the menu Action-->Refresh or hitting the F5 key, which makes the bottom of this frame correct:

Glitch type 2
The second glitch type may occur due to limitations in the Pertubation method. This zoom sequence pass close to a minibrot on it's way to the final minibrot, and this is what usually cause this kind of glitch:

This pattern will later be repeated, with double frequency, and that is where the glitch occur. The automatic glitch solver may fail to find and solve the glitch, which happened here. To solve this glitch, make sure the radio box Add references is check, and then click in the image on the marked spot:

It is enough to do this only once, if one hit the exact right spot. Usually one don't, and then you just click again to add more references until the glitch is solved completely:

And again

The following frames may contain the same glitch again

Glitch type 3
If your zoom sequence pass very close to a minibrot, another type of Pertubation glitch can occur, which does not create big one-colored blobs and is not solved by the automatic glitch solver.
When the zoom out sequence runs the iteration count is not decreased and therefore when it pass this minibrot the iterations are probably much larger than when you explored the way to the final minibrot.
What may happen is that fractal pattern may arise on top of this minibrot, which is beautiful in it's own right but not desired when making a correct zoom sequence:

To solve this kind of glitch check the radio button Set main reference and click somewhere inside the minibrot with patterns. With a new reference for the whole image inside the minibrot the frame will be rendered correctly:

And here is the result: