Fractal Art & Music
A Glimpse of the Innards
Some time ago the master of 3d-Fractal animations Julius Horsthuis asked me if I was interested in creating another original score for one of his VR Projects. Which I happily did. Here is the result as a 2d-youtube-version: Get the track at Bandcamp  
Jan 03
High Voltage (classic album – tech house)
Jan 03
Runaway (classic album – breakbeats)
Jan 03
Sadhu (classic album)
Jan 03
Bigger (classic album)
Jan 03
Ambiente (classic album)
Jan 03
Zerinnerung (classic album)
White Rabbit Remix – Trippy Music Video
Since Google released their #deepdream algorithm I’ve been totally fascinated with the images you can generate. The principle is futuristic but simple: You take a computer version of a neural network (like our brain) and train it to recognize objects in photos.
I was wondering what happens when you mix a waltz 3/4 rhythm with a standard 4*4 techno beat. I searched for tracks that already did that, but surprisingly didn’t find any. (please add comment if you know of some good ones!) this 90%finished track is the result.
Fractal haze made early earth habitable
The early sun wasn’t bright enough to keep the earth warm enough to sustain life. A new model offers a solution for this old puzzle known as the “faint young sun paradox”: A thick fractal haze of organic material helped the earth to absorb the suns warmth while at the same time blocking harmful ultraviolet light. If you looked up that ancient sky it wouldn’t be blue as today but apear only dim and rust coloured. read the full story here
The Fractal Grid
Military uses fractal grid to ensure power supply in emergency cases. Link to full story (will update as soon as there’s more info about the fractal aspect of this)
Life is good.
“A single tree falling is much louder than the whole forest growing” source: When watching the news, reading the newspaper, browsing the events of the day, one easily can get the impression, that the world is a cold, brutal and probably doomed place. Violence, wars, poverty, hate, corruption… Where are all the great news? Well, the great news happen on a different scale. they happen on a basic, personal level. The little joys of life like…
Oct 05
Aerogels – the lightest solid ever produced
..seems to have a fractal structure (at least over 3 orders of magnitude) check this for scientific background:
Graphene based superconductor with fractal surface will revolutionize energy storage
Through it’s fractal structure 1 gramm of this material has a surface area of 2630m² which compared to the human lung with astounding 50-100m² surface area is really  incredible! This huge step will bring Moores Law to energy storage! Read the full story here