Fractal Art & Music
White Rabbit Remix – Trippy Music Video
Since Google released their¬†#deepdream algorithm¬†I’ve been totally fascinated with the images you can generate. The principle is futuristic but simple: You take a computer version of a neural network (like our brain) and train it to recognize objects in photos.
I was wondering what happens when you mix a waltz 3/4 rhythm with a standard 4*4 techno beat. I searched for tracks that already did that, but surprisingly didn’t find any. (please add comment if you know of some good ones!) this 90%finished track is the result.
Distant Shores
This is an unfinished track that has been lurking around on my harddrive for a few months now. Please comment, if you think I should take some more time to finish it, what elements should I focus on? Also: I used it as backgroundmusic for a fractal zoom video, feel free to check it out here
Dream Area
A great time at 2014 Antaris Festivals Chillarea inspired me to this song
A short but heavy Drum & Bass track produced for an imagefilm.